An interactive symposium
in 3 episodes in 3 days

Initiated in 2004, PACT’S yearly interactive symposium impact brings together around 35 artists, practitioners, theoreticians and advanced students in the fields of dance, theatre, performance, visual arts, new media, film, music and architecture for a three day exchange engaging critically with the artistic strategies and working methods of three exceptional guest artists. 

Each day’s agenda during the exchange is devised and led by one of the guest artists and informed by all the participants.

On the evening of informal events the general public is warmly welcome to join us to get an inside view to the work of this year’s invited guests.

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IMPACT17 – Don’t Follow the Wind

Chim↑Pom, Dana Caspersen, Paul Feigelfeld and Jeremy Christopher Bolen / Deep Time Chicago evelop and explore di­verse forms of critical engagement with pressing global conflicts. Centering around digital infrastructures, global eco­ logical and social change, political activism as well as artistic processes in conflict research, their work provokes, transforms, analyses and intervenes in realities.


IMPACT16 – Rift Zones / Bruchzonen

How and where do alternative realities come about both in and between different fields of knowledge? How can we productively uncover contradictory ›rift zones‹ in today’s world? What kind of frameworks for action can we cultivate? IMPACT16 is an encounter with HOOD, RYBN.ORG und FORMATIONS, three expert collectives whose diversified forms of cooperation and flexible working practices transcend disciplinary boundaries.


IMPACT15 – Active Ingredients

Now in its eleventh outing, IMPACT looks at three outstanding artistic positions that question possible aesthetic principles in art and society in an experimental and playful manner. Through the juxtaposition of unusual methods, systems and approaches in music, theatre and architecture, an unmistakable space emerges for uncovering and interweaving individual fields of action.