Running all year round since 2002, the residency programme is at the heart of PACT Zollverein’s day to day work. Open to professional artists from home and abroad who work in the areas of dance, performance, media arts or music and closely linked to PACT’s two other core strands of activity in presenting work and facilitating research and development, the programme is a key element in PACT Zollverein’s profile as an Artists’ House supporting lively exchange between practice and theory.

While occupying their own designated space and essentially working independently, residents may choose to take advantage of various kinds of production support.

Thanks to the support of the Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, residency recipients receive a grant to cover their living expen­ses and travel costs. 

Residences are awarded twice a year by an international jury. A residency project will not have a public showing. 

Go to our journal to learn what the residency artists have been working on: 

Residency Insights

A residency incorporates the following

  • Studio space (from 69 to 173 sq. m.)
  • Local accommodation (max. 4 people)
  • Period of 3 – 6 weeks (at a stretch)
  • Weekly grant allowance for all of the residency project participants (max. 4 people)
  • Travel costs covering one journey only per participant to and from PACT Zollverein (max. 4 people)*
  • Technical equipment (by arrangement and subject to availability)
  • Professional technical support (by arrangement and subject to availability)

*Principally, the least environmentally harmful means of transport available should be chosen.

PACT is pleased to facilitate barrier-free and family-friendly residences by arrangement.

Possible working fields of a residency

  • Dance / Choreography
  • Performance
  • Media art / installation
  • Video art / Film
  • Music/ sound art
  • Science
  • Urban Research
  • Technology
  • Architecture

Residencies 2/2024
From August to December 2024

Applications for the residencies from August to December 2024 are no longer possible. All complete applications will be considered by the jury. Applicants will be informed about the outcome of their decision by e-mail in late April 2024.


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Juliane Beck

Residencies 2024

January – July

  • Maryam Ghiasi & Alireza Mirmohammadi 
  • Boglárka Börcsök 
  • Luísa Saraiva 
  • Biljana Radinoska 
  • Liryc Dela Cruz
  • Zwoisy Mears-Clarke
  • Overhead Project 
  • Salamata Kobre
  • Cherish Menzo 
  • Sorour Darabi 
  • Kiana Rezvani  
  • Idylla Silmarovi 

August – December

  • Rebecca de Toro
  • Liryc Dela Cruz
  • Joana Moll
  • Andras Meneses Sousa
  • Nancy Judith Awori
  • Alena Grom 
  • Priyakshi Agarwal
  • Daniel Kötter
  • Albert Garcia
  • Márcio Kerber Canabarro
  • Marlene Helling
  • Verena Brakonier 

Residencies 2023

January – July 

  • Emmanuel Ndefo
  • Eva Meyer-Keller
  • Koloto Siraji
  • Claire Vivianne Sobottke
  • Sahar Damoni with Corinna Rosteck
  • Kukily Colectivo (Colleen Ndemeh Fitzgerald, Lina Lucia Lasso Beltran, Jasmin Santos Sánchez & Julia Cohen Ribeiro)
  • Arkadi Zaides
  • Alex Piasente-Szymański with Evelyn Saylor & Tanja Erhart
  • Willie Stark
  • Márcio Kerber Canabarro with Holly Thomas, Sindri Runudde & Matty Zighem
  • bacilli (James Jack, Shotaro Yoshino & Yoshitaka Nanjo)
  • Fang Yun Lo
  • Flora Détraz

August - December 

  • aniara rodado
  • Ayala Shoshana Guy
  • Ching-Wen Peng
  • G.Urban & di. studio
  • Juli Reinartz
  • Kani Marouf
  • Overhead Project
  • Wang Ping-Hsiang
  • Qusay Awad
  • Ra’z Salvarita & Elledivine Wood


  • Hiraeth Kollektiv (Yasmin Fahbod, Mina Khani & Zahra Mousawy)
  • iSaAc Espinoza Hidrobo with Roman Jungblut & Visiting Beings

Media Art Fellow

Marco Donnarumma is Media Art Fellow of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia 22/23.

Residencies 2022

January - July 

  • Deepika Arwind, Shaymaa Shoukry & Andi Otto
  • Jinhyun Kim 
  • Simona Deaconescu
  • Michelle Moura 
  • Mbarushimana Isiaka 
  • Robert Ssempijja 
  • Göksu Kunak 
  • Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki 
  • aii wijaya & ikbal lubys  
  • Dani Brown 
  • Mohamed Abdelkarim 
  • HartmannMüller 
  • Josephine Findeisen & Verena Brakonier 

August - December 

  • Val Souza & Guego Anunciação 
  • Cat Mahari
  • caner teker
  • Maria Mercedes Flores Mujica 
  • Asli Samadova 
  • Idylla Silva Silmarovi Ferreira
  • Parvin Saljoughi
  • Wezile Harmans
  • Eva Meyer-Keller
  • HartmannMüller

Residencies 2021

January - July

  • Marie-Lena Kaiser
  • Sprungbrett (Igor Meneses Sousa, Paula Pau)
  • Raymond Liew Jin Pin
  • Geumhyung Jeong
  • Jule Flierl
  • Karl Van Welden
  • Verena Brakonier, Josephine Findeisen, Daniel Müller und Greta Granderath
  • Philipp Gehmacher
  • Sprungbrett (Joana Kern, Sonja Reischl, Wenta Ghebrehiwet)
  • Diana Niepce
  • Riyadhus Shalihin 
  • Aya Metwalli
  • Saghar Hosseinpour

August - December 

  • Viola Luise Barner mit Júlia Maia, Lydia Tesfai, Joëlle Karfich
  • Zauri Matikashvili
  • Kai Er Eng
  • Total Refusal (Susanna Flock, Leonhard Müllner, Robin Klengel, Michael Stumpf)
  • Liza Baliasnaja mit Theo Livesey, Christine De Smedt
  • Association of Black Artists e.V. (Princela Biyaa, Fayo Said, Clémance Garcia-Lindenmeyer, Marny Garcia Mommertz)
  • Dragana Bulut
  • Omsk Social Club mit Joey Holder