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What traces do we leave behind in the internet?

In autumn 2020, the artists’ collective Laokoon called for anonymous data donations. For their artistic data experiment ›Made to Measure‹, the group then created the doppelgänger of one participant: reconstructed right down to the tiniest detail, Laokoon staged five years of the anonymous data donor’s life at PACT. With ›Made to Measure‹, Laokoon is then brought the experiment back into the digital space: the spectacular experiment is exposed on an interactive storytelling website and in a TV documentary.

In Conversation: Mette Ingvartsen about The Dancing Public

»I think that one of the tasks of dance will be to overcome this social distancing and actually bring bodies and people together and bring back the joy that we associate with collective celebratory or excessive states of movement.« Mette Ingvartsen is dealing with the phenomenon of dance mania in her new piece The Dancing Public, premiering Sep 24 & 25 at PACT.

Tip: Panorama Raft starting on September 17 at Panorama Festival

To navigate the stormy seas currently surrounding Brazil, a unique partnership was formed with ›Panorama Raft‹, in which international performing arts institutions - including PACT - support current productions by Brazilian artists in the time of the pandemic.
Funds allocated through the partnership were allocated to 10 projects, each of which resulted in a work that was included in Panorama Raft's online programme. A second campaign of support, entitled ›Research & Development‹, funded five selected projects in which artists could deepen their research and share their creative process online.

Artists' Centre

Residenzen: Cyril Baldy
Jana Mila Lippitz


Running all year round since 2002, the residency programme is open to professional artists from home and abroad who work in the areas of dance, performance, media arts or music, closely linking PACT’s core strands of activity in presenting work and facilitating research and development.

Roestvrij, Photo: Lucia Gerhardt

Fellowship Programme

Through its Fellowship Programme 2020, PACT supports artists who significantly engage with complex social issues and use art to voice and impact on them. Three individual fellowships in 2020 enable teams of artists, activists, philosophers and technology experts, to connect and work in temporary research communities.


Spot On Economies – Call for Proposals

Spot on Economies – 1/2/8 Research Forum (01.-17.10.2021)

Spot on Economies focuses on economies as crucial cross-roads between social, ecological, and political futures. Over the course of two weeks (01.-17.10.), PACT opens its whole house for a collaborative residential research phase framed by a public programme of notable lectures and workshops. Diverse research groups are invited to share and develop their ideas, questions, and proposals transdisciplinarily with other scholars, artists, practitioners, and activists.
The call for proposals and the online application form can be found here.

IMPACT21 – URGENT TRANSLATIONS – On Codes, Images and Realities (10.-14.11.2021)

IMPACT21 – URGENT TRANSLATIONS – On Codes, Images and Realities (10.-14.11.2021)

The invited expert contributors Arne Vogelgesang, Prof. Dr. Birgit Schneider and artists of the research programme JUNCTIONS21 examine influential visual media processes and dynamic cultural techniques and how these effect on climate politics, future concepts and political radicalization. What kind of translations and research methods should be considered? Can other options for action be devised from artistic working methods? Which competencies need to be bundled? IMPACT21 sees itself as an interface for exchanging ideas about effective possible forms of intervention in the face of global challenges.

Blue Skies Bodies in trouble Körper in Aufruhr
Gestaltung: labor b designbüro

Blue Skies - Bodies in trouble // Lectures and talks available online

The growing impact of technology on life as we know it brings changes to our bodies, our communities and the environment – what can we do? How can we understand and shape these changes collectively? Over the course of five days, PACT and shine an investigative light on active interdisciplinary perspectives on new narratives, speculative visions of the future and alternative practices in the company of international artists, scientists, activists, publicists, students and audience members. All lectures and talks are available to see online.

Urban Space


The PACT Café is staying connected with you: PACT’s bright and spacious foyer, which is normally a popular meeting place for families from all over Essen on Wednesday afternoons, has now become the backdrop for an online edition of the PACT Café. Members of the PACT Café team will read to you from their favourite children's books. In this way, we hope to bring a small piece of PACT Café atmosphere to your home and still spend some quality time together, even if we are physically separated.

Photo ©: Dirk Rose


Initiated by PACT in close collaboration with the ›Arbeitskreis Kunst und Soziales‹ (Art and Social Engagement Working Group), the WerkStadt is a new local hub for open and ongoing communal discourse, activities and knowledge transfer.