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Fayo Said ›Oromia Records‹

As part of her fellowship, Fayo Said worked on the project ›Oromia Records‹, a digital art archive for the remembrance and preservation of the culture, history and art of the Oromo, one of the largest ethnic groups in Ethiopia.

Lea Letzel, ›Hanabi-Fu‹

As a scholarship holder of the Goethe-Institute in Kyoto, Japan, in 2019, Lea Letzel explored the culture and history of Japanese fireworks and, in the course of her research, came across the work of the chemist and fireworks designer Takeo Shimizu. Letzel was particularly fascinated by the fact that Shimizu brought the art of fireworks into conjunction with music.

Princela Biyaa

»About 8 years ago Ines Johnson-Spain started writing down her story. She visited Pankow, Togo, Benin and Mülheim to get answers she was denied for a long time. Answers to uncover the silence about her identity, her belonging and home.«

caner teker ›Köçek/Zenne‹

This is a collection of findings. Visuals, stories and practices which were archived, told, shown, preserved, shaped and carried on. This collection exists despite and because of the ever present and shifting tension between praise, even stardom [yildiz] and looming to outright threats and acts of repression and erasure.

Lütfiye Güzel ›marxlohmontage‹

In her poetry clip, Lütfiye Güzel goes through Duisburg-Marxloh and tells of subliminal prejudices, privileges and polyphonic communities.

venus x boats

The duo veenus x boats is active not only among different cultures but also between genres: German-born Vietnamese singer Vee aka veenus and producer Bruno aka boats combine alternative R&B and synth-pop, creating their own definition of mainstream.

Interview mit Mette Ingvartsen im Missy Magazine

Was hat dich zu ›Moving In Concert‹ inspiriert?
Mein Interesse galt der Verbindung von Technologie und Abstraktion. Die Idee, mit technologischen Erweiterungen zu arbeiten, hat den Körper automatisch in ein Netzwerk von nicht-menschlichen Beziehungen eingeführt.

Second letter from Sophie De Somere & Barbara Raes

In the light of human finitude and the universal need to search for solace, with the interactive performance ›I listen‹ Sophie De Sommere and Barbara Raes are trying to bring the most modest form of consolation into the city. In their second letter, they are giving an insight into the idea behind the performance.

A letter by Protektorama toxica (cared for by J.P. Raether) 

Dear particles of Protektox 5.4.9, it was wonderful to encounter you-as-us in the Impossible Forest on September 13th. I-as-us hope the relation to me-as-an artificial witch still resonates with you-as-you. It certainly does for me-as-witch because the moment of my-as-our becoming a formation is how I-as-us exist in the real.