IMPACT21 – URGENT TRANSLATIONS, On Codes, Images and Realities, Symposium und Workshops mit Birgit Schneider, Arne Vogelgesang und JUNCTIONS21

On Codes, Images and Realities
Symposium and workshops with Birgit Schneider, Arne Vogelgesang and JUNCTIONS21

The invited expert contributors to Urgent Translations examine influential visual media processes and dynamic cultural techniques and how these effect on climate politics, future concepts and political radicalization. What kind of translations and research methods should be considered? Can other options for action be devised from artistic working methods? Which competencies need to be bundled?

IMPACT21 sees itself as an interface for exchanging ideas about effective possible forms of intervention in the face of global challenges.

The medial visualization of the climate catastrophe is one of the research subjects of Prof. Dr. Birgit Schneider, Professor of Cultures of Knowledge and Media Environments at the University of Potsdam. How can images help shape social change in times of ecological crisis? How can they help develop visions for a CO2-neutral society and spark imaginations? To what extent can images change societies' conceptions of the future? Strategies in the dissemination of visual information are also of key interest to the artist Arne Vogelgesang. In his works he examines the aesthetics of radical propaganda and methods of political radicalization on the Internet and reveals how gamification, memes, and viral fake news shape political discourse and increasingly intervene in social realities.


As part of the JUNCTIONS21 research programme, 20 artists working in transdisciplinary teams have been exploring the interactions between activism, digitality, and ecology. Their processes make translations evident, decode episodes of global historiography, and activate marginalized resources between technology and practical knowledge. In focus are intervening and resistant working practices that draw approaches from local and postcolonial contexts. First research drafts will be presented in an exhibition and opened up for discussion in talks. The artists are working together in seven teams: Bruno Alves de Almeida and Juan Pablo Pacheco Bejarano, Carmel Barnea Brezner Jonas, Clarissa Aidar, Jere Ikongio and Dario Srbic, Eliana Otta, Imayna Caceres, Nuno Cassola and Vasilikí Sifostratoudaki, Lucy Ilado, Stefania Smolkina and Riyadhus Shalihin, Rosa Whiteley and Sina Hensel, Wisrah Villefort and Sarah Johanna Theurer, Zahra Malkani and Shahana Rajani. 

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A project within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Public Programme

19 – 20 h
Birgit Schneider 
Imagining the future in times of climate change between collapse, techno fix and transformation

19 – 20 h
Arne Vogelgesang
Let's play info wars

Juliane Beck


Public programme

Auf Postkarten, die am Boden liegen, sind verschiedene Motive zu sehen: der erhitzte Erdball, die Welt aus dem Weltraum, Feuer…
© Birgit Schneider

Birgit Schneider: Imagining the future in times of climate change between collapse, techno fix and transformation | Lecture | 11.11. 7pm

How can images foster social change in times of ecological crisis? How can they create visions for a CO2-neutral society and inspire alternative imaginations? To what extent can images become a driving force, convey knowledge and turn knowledge into action?

Ein Handy wird ins Bild gehalten, auf dem das Spiel Pokemon-Go zu sehen ist. Rechts davon ist ein Pikachu-Pokemon zu sehen, das als Hitler dargestellt wird: es trägt ein Bärtchen, Uniform und streckt den rechten Arm nach vorne.

Arne Vogelgesang: Let’s play infowars | Lecture | 12.11. 7pm

This talk looks at the game metaphor as a legitimizing and galvanizing frame in more or less recent activities of reactionary and far-right communities.