Spot on Economies – 1/2/8 Research Forum
01. – 17. October 2021

Spot on Economies focuses on economies as crucial cross-roads between social, ecological, and political futures. Over the course of two weeks (01.-17.10.), PACT opens its whole house for a collaborative residential research phase framed by a public programme of notable lectures and workshops. Diverse research groups are invited to share and develop their ideas, questions, and proposals transdisciplinarily with other scholars, artists, practitioners, and activists. 

For Spot on Economies, we welcome research proposals from the fields of political economy, art, cultural work, activism, organisation studies, journalism, technology, social sciences and humanities

The selected groups will be awarded a residency over the full period. This offers the opportunity to start or to continue your research trajectories at PACT and involve others with whom you can review, inform and extend your own practice. 

A 1/2/8 residency incorporates the following: 

―  Studio space (from 69 to 173 sq. m.) 
―  Local accommodation 
―  Weekly grant allowance of 500 € for all of the 1/2/8 residency project participants (max. 4 people per group) 
―  Travel costs (subject to prior agreement)* 
―  Joint encounters, studio visits, talks and presentations (at short notice and subject to agreement) 

* Principally, the least environmentally harmful means of transport available should be chosen. 

Please note that due to the dynamic COVID-19 situation, we reserve the right to make adjustments to the terms of residencies in consultation with the applicants if necessary.

The closing date for applications was 08. July 2021. All complete applications received by this date will be considered and applicants should get an answer by mid July 2021. 


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Juliane Beck


A project within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

1/2/8 Research Forum
with residencies, talks, workshops
and public moments

In Spring 2017, PACT launched 1/2/8, a new, central and long-term research and development format with a special focus on the connection between knowledge and actions. The format offers substantial time and space for practices of cooperation between people, objects, space, technology and experimentation.

1/2/8 – Urban Frictions

1/2/8 – Urban Frictions

As the focal point of this chapter, the city will become a setting for artistic, social and political activity in which the clash of different infrastructures, needs and living realities gives rise to complexity and productive friction. Over the course of the festival period, forums, project presentations, open laboratory visits and cooperative field studies will introduce participants to new perspectives and offer them time and space in which to explore their own ideas. 1/2/8 - URBAN FRICTIONS brings together people concerned with studying, changing or escaping the complex structure of the city and its effects. 

1/2/8 – Demanding Responses

1/2/8 – Demanding Responses

The second chapter, 1/2/8 – Demanding Responses, centred around forms of collaboration and self-organisation. Over the course of several weeks, the edition invited participants from the fields of art, science, journalism and other broader disciplines, to engage in individual research as well as joint encounters, exchanges and experiments during symposia, open labs, talks, lectures, gatherings and presentations.

1/2/8 – The System Is Uncertain

1/2/8 – The System Is Uncertain

The first chapter centred around the possibilities of deviation: How can we implement changes in or outside of static or powerful prevailing systems of thought and organization? How can we foresee, develop and connect alternative forms of action? What kind of resources, possibilities, opportunities and spaces of action do we have to hand and need?