PACT Fellowship 2022/2023

With a fellowship PACT has been supporting artists who respond to social issues through their practices, and who make an impact in these fields through their artistic propositions. Provided with time, space, and a stipend, we place a focus on encouraging exploratory processes, in which pre-existing practices are pursued, but in which new ideas can emerge and new collaborations can be initiated.

In 2022 and 2023, the PACT Fellowship goes to three transdisciplinary artists, Princela Biyaa, Marny Garcia Mommertz and Fayo Said. Through their individual and collective practices, they explore the possibilities of mutual support and of networking and amplifying marginalised voices.

In 2020, they founded the Association for Black Art_ists e.V., a growing alliance of Black artists and archivists, who in various constellations are engaged in projects in the Ruhr region, Berlin, The Hague, and in the banlieues of Paris. In connection with this, PACT previously hosted the talk series ›Walgahi: Conversations on Black Archiving‹, in which the Association for Black Art_ists discussed numerous aspects related of Black archiving together with a number of different guests.  

Princela Biyaa, Marny Garcia Mommertz & Fayo Said

Princela Biyaa works as a curator, cultural producer and educator. In her work, she focuses on collaborations between Black artists in the diaspora and in Africa. She is the founder of the platform woven, which organises events related to contemporary art from Africa and from the African diaspora.

Marny Garcia Mommertz (she/her) is a writer. As part of her fellowship at PACT Zollverein, she explores experimental forms of archiving together with Princela Biyaa and Fayo Said. In her curatorial practice and as Managing Editor of C& América Latina magazine, she is interested in Afrodiasporic arts. In 2018 she learned how to catch and gut fish.

Fayo Said works as a photographer, cultural producer and curator. She is a passionate archivist and is interested in creative and artistic forms of expression from Africa and among the African diaspora.

Together Princela Biyaa, Marny Garcia Mommertz and Fayo Said founded the Association for Black Art_ists in 2020.