Don’t Follow the Wind

01.– 05. November 2017


CHIM↑POM, Dana Caspersen, Paul Feigelfeld and Jeremy Bolen / DEEP TIME CHICAGO develop and explore di­verse forms of critical engagement with pressing global conflicts. Centering around digital infrastructures, global eco­ logical and social change, political activism as well as artistic processes in conflict research, their work provokes, transforms, analyses and intervenes in realities. Hereby, they interweave valid strategies in the arts, sciences, technology and activism. Of central interest during the course of the exchange will be the question of the transferability of the guest experts’ approaches to the participants’ indi­vidual practices.

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Supported within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Public Programme

WED 01.11.17 19:00 h

Lecture Performance

FRI 03.11.17 20:00 h

Paul Feigelfeld

Jana Mila Lippitz
Jana Mila Lippitz

Workshop Programme
For participants

Symposium Episode 1

THU 02.11.17

Chim↑Pom is an artists’ collective founded in Tokyo in 2005 whose members are Ryuta Ushiro, Yasutaka Hayashi, Ellie, Masataka Okada, Motomu Inaoka and Toshinori Mizuno. With critical works in the form of videos, installations and performances, Chim↑Pom is actively involved in social and political realities in Japan. These include consumerism, capitalism, environmental problems and their impact on youth culture. Their actions, which always combine humour and seriousness, leave radical traces on the Japanese cultural scene and society.

Symposium Episode 2

THU 02.11.17 & FRI 03.11.17
Dana Caspersen

The conflict analyst, choreographer and performer Dana Caspersen sees conflict as a source of opportunity. She explores choreographic practice as a possible method with which to discover the potential of complex social conflicts and then adapts them as a communication tool in the context of social tension. Her practice includes lectures, workshops and public choreographic dialogues. Dana Caspersen was a leading artist at the Forsythe Company and Ballet Frankfurt for 30 years and in 2015, she published the book Changing the Conversation: The 17 Principles of Conflict Resolution (Penguin, A Joost Elffers Book).


What can choreographic practice illuminate about conflict? How can physicalized methods of interaction enable and expand com­munication in challenging situations? In her work­shop, Dana Caspersen invites participants to exam­ine her method of addressing conflictual societal conflict through choreographic public dialogues. Through experiential analysis, artistic technolo­gies will be investigated as tools for communica­tion and social action across fields of exchange.

Symposium Episode 3

SAT 04.11.17
Paul Feigelfeld

Paul Feigelfeld studied Cultural Studies and Computer Science at Humboldt University in Berlin, where he worked for Friedrich Kittler and Wolfgang Ernst until 2013. Until the end of 2016, he was the academic coordinator of the Digital Cultures Research Lab at the Centre for Digital Cul­ tures at Leuphana University Lüneburg. His main research topics are the history of media between East and West, data politics, artificial intelligence, robotics and future studies. Besides his academic work, he works as a writer, translator and editor, as well as a curator and advisor for art institutions and universities. He holds a guest professorship at the Art Institute in Basel, a coordinating position at tBa21 Academy, and is an advisory member of the Vienna Biennial Circle. He teaches at various universities and art schools. Since its beginning in 2015, he has been one of the coordinators of

Symposium Episode 4

SAT 04.11.17
Jeremy Bolen / Deep Time Chicago

Jeremy Bolen is a Chicago based artist, researcher and educator interested in site specific, experimental modes of documenta­tion and presentation. Much of his work involves rethinking systems of recording in an attempt to observe invisible presences that remain from vari­ous scientific experiments and human interactions with the earth’s surface. Bolen is a faculty member at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Fur­ thermore he is the co­founder and coorganizer of the Deep Time Chicago collective, an art / re­search / activism initiative whose goal is to explore one core idea: humanity as a geological agency, ca­pable of disrupting the earth system and inscribing present modes of existence into deep time.


Artist Jeremy Bolen will show an exhibition of site specific and site re­sponsive images, sculptures and films titled ›Slack Sensing‹. These works were all conceived during a 1/2/8 research residency at pact in May 2017. Bo­len will also discuss his work with the DEEP TIME CHICAGO collective and lead a series of perception enhancing exercises focusing on our relationship with the unknown and unseen.

Interventions by HOOD

Within the framework of our Fellowship Programme, the group HOOD are regular guests at PACT. During IMPACT17, members of the collective, which comprises artists of the former Forsythe Company, will be offering two activating excercises and an introduction to body practice.