Urban Space

A fundamental and continual aspect of PACT’s work lies in reflecting on its immediate local surroundings and rootedness in Essen-Katernberg and initiating projects that engage with the communal shaping and development of urban society. In the summer of 2016, PACT founded the WerkStadt as an independent laboratory and meeting place centrally located in the district where local residents, community actors and stakeholders, can come together with (inter)national artists to question, explore and develop local, regional, national and transnational urban realities and visions. Within a set framework programme of scheduled activities, new projects and formats continue to grow out of meetings of interests between local people of diverse backgrounds in collaboration with specialists in the fields of art, technology and science.

The weekly PACT Café is also part of the urban space programme. Held every Wednesday afternoon, the Café is an open invitation to neighbours and families to use PACT’s spacious foyer as a local meeting point, place of exchange and playing area where children can also take part in free guided activities such as movement workshops.