Insights, perspectives,
actions & impulses

Shingo Ota and his theatre company ›Hydroblast‹

During their three week residency at PACT Shingo Ota, a writer and director from Japan, together with his theatre company Hydroblast was developing the performance ›Ghosts take the taxi‹ which is being premiered on February 9th in Tokio.

Mizu Sugai & Jonathan Jung

During their residence at PACT Mizu Sugai & Jonathan Jung are engaging with medially different concepts of brutality as well as current events of resistance using the example of protest camps, pursuing a site-specific research work.

François Chaignaud and Marie-Pierre Brébant

›Symphonia Harmoniæ Cælestium Revelationum (2019)‹ is the title of the project that François Chaignaud and Marie-Pierre Brébant are working on during their residency at PACT. Here you can find an insight to their residence in Studio 2.

Katja Dreyer & Karen Røise Kielland

For their project ›cry me a river – a quest for the source‹ PACTs artists in residence Katja Dreyer & Karen Røise Kielland hiked from the mouth to the source of the mythologically legendary river Styx in Greece. At the Journal they give an insight on the several myths and stories towards Styx and their powers on the lifes of people in Greece.

Sophia New & Daniel Belasco Rogers (plan b)

During their residence at PACT Zollverein Sophia New & Daniel Belasco Rogers (plan b) continue their project ›Taxonomy of Togetherness‹ (working title). Together they think about how the terms "togetherness/together" and "separated/removed" can be defined today - in a digital age. As a basis for these considerations they use a GPS recording, which shows exactly where the artists have been in the last 10 years.

Antonia Steffens & Bruno Listopad

Antonia Steffens künstlerische Praxis bewegt sich zwischen Tanz, Malerei und Schreiben. In ihrer choreographischen Forschung versucht sie, dem Bild als nicht-hierarchisches Element zu begegnen. Für ihre Residenz bei PACT, die im Rahmen der Choreographischen Dialoge stattfand, hat sie mit dem Choreographen Bruno Listopard zusammengearbeitet.


In his current research project at PACT, Saša Asentić together with international artists* from Poland, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and China examines the relations between the contemporary dance scene in West and East Germany since reunification from a critical standpoint and asks what remains of the GDR dance scene.

#ResidencyInsights – HartmannMüller

Anhand ihrer Experimente mit dem eigenen, menschlichen Fleisch, betrachten HARTMANNMUELLER in ihrer Performance „my saturday went pretty well until I realized it was monday“, an der sie während ihrer Residenz bei PACT arbeiten, Shakespeare’s Figur Hamlet aus einer besonderen Perspektive: Sie eignen sich Hamlets Probleme an und übertragen sie auf die Körper der heutigen Zeit – denn auch 2018 scheint die Welt aus den Fugen und ein wahnhaftes Verwirrspiel um physische Grenzen beginnt.

#ResidencyInsights – Alma Toaspern

In the dance piece "The dreams in which I'm dying" choreographer and dancer Alma Toaspern deals with the often abstruse and illogical dramaturgy of dreams. In collaboration with Susanne Grau, Rocio Marano and Juan Betancurth, she wants to develop an aesthetic that corresponds to the logic of a dream, an aesthetic that is characterized by interruptions, shifts, repetitions and continuous failure.