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actions & impulses

#ResidencyInsights – Flora Détraz

Flora Détraz keeps on exploring the possibilities of voice – having the middle age era as the main musical, literature and pictural source to feed their research

#ResidencyInsights – Enrico Ticconi & Ginevra Panzetti

During their Residence at PACT Zollverein Enrico Ticconi and Ginevra Panzetti worked on their piece ›HARLEKING‹. Harleking is a demon with multiple identities. His body expression resembles that of Harlequin of the Commedia dell'Arte, a sly servant moved by an insatiable hunger.

#ResidencyInsights – Halory Georger

In his research project "For Morten Feldman", Halory Goerger works with light and sound designers to investigate what happens in our brain when sound creates a mental vacuum, when sound is able to establish a concept, an image, a movement.

#ResidencyInsights: Cyril Baldy

Cyril Baldy, member of the HOOD collective, freelance choreographer and dancer, is currently in residency at PACT.