Insights, perspectives,
actions & impulses

Monica Duncan & Senem Pirler

Surface Connection is a live performance that explores the concept of queer space, objects and the relationship between queer bodies through a series of audiovisual interactions where we touch/vibrate/fluctuate/excite surfaces and objects. In our collaboration, we channel our camp sensibility and create performative actions by “vibrating”, “deviating” and “disrupting” bodies, objects, and surfaces from their normative representations and their linear paths.

Sidney Leoni

Choreographer, dancer and filmmaker Sidney Leoni returns for a second residency at PACT with his docu-fiction-dance-film-performance ›FLY‹; the first residency was together with composer Yoann Durant to produce and record ›FLY‹’s soundtrack and original songs, and this time he will be joined by lighting designer Anton Andersson and dancer Jaan Ulst to finalize the performance on PACT's stage.

Seyoung Jeong

We have already seen tragedy in the theater, began to understand the principles of tragedy unconsciously and the audience witnesses various variants of the tragedy in the theater. In my research, I wondered why the tragedy in the theater did not work as before.

Anna West & David Callanan

During their residency at PACT Anna West and David Callanan of idontloveyouanymore have been working on their new project ›Even Fruit Flies Get Frustrated‹.

Léonard Engel

A magic show? A hunting party? A punk concert? In How to get rid of a body. A magic manual, his new solo created in collaboration with electronic musician Korhan Erel and dramaturg Maja Zimmermann, choreographer and performer Léonard Engel blurs the lines between practices and genres.

Juli Reinartz

Eine gemischte Gruppe von Performer*innen kehrt zurück zu den Anfängen dessen, was wir als Tanznotation kennen und fragen, was in ihren Bewegungen heute notiert werden muss.

Agata Maszkiewicz

During their residency in PACT Agata Maszkiewicz and her team tried out the strategy of ›LISTING‹. For 10 days Agata Maszkiewicz, Olivier Normand, Christophe Demarthe and Vincent Tirmarche launched themselves onto a trip of creating, imagining, composing, representing, choreographing lists of everything that surrounded them.

Seyed Alireza Mirmohammadi

Seyed Alireza Mirmohammadi is an Iranian choreographer based in Tehran. During his month-long residency at PACT he has been working on an art project orbiting the theme of mourning which is strongly influenced by the loss of a close friend. 

Miriam Coretta Schulte, Rahel Kesselring, Johanna-Yassira Kluhs, Oliver Roth, Felix Worpenberg

During their residency at PACT Miriam Coretta Schulte and her team – including Rahel Kesselring, Johanna-Yassira Kluhs, Oliver Roth and Felix Worpenberg – are working on their research platform ›Mimesia‹.