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Ensemble Musikfabrik Dirk Rothbrust

PACT opens with Ensemble Musikfabrik (13.06. at 19 h)

For PACT’s first live public event since the outbreak of the Corona crisis, Ensemble Musikfabrik make a most welcome return to us with a special programme that includes works by Steffen Krebber, Karlheinz Stockhausen und Mikel Urquiza. In order to make your visit to PACT as safe as possible, we are operating to a detailed hygiene plan which strictly implements the requirements of the CoronaSchutzverordnung - Corona Protection Ordinance.

New interview series with Saša Asentić / Per.Art

Saša Asentić - a recent resident at PACT - is one of the most prominent activists for inclusion in dance. As part of the project ›Europe Beyond Access‹, the artist and founder of the NGO Per.Art (Novi Sad) publishes a new conversation every Friday with artists and colleagues from the fields of contemporary dance, performance and disability arts.

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Michiel Vandevelde: ›Ends of Worlds‹ – Video work

In his work ›Ends of Worlds‹, which Vandevelde would have shown at PACT in May, the choreographer looks into a distant and yet uncomfortably near future. For #PACTconnected, he has now made a video in which he revisits the epilogue of the performance. ›Ends of Worlds‹ takes place in the year 2300. The date marks year zero for reproduced homo sapiens informed by the algorithmic memories and patterns of the past.

THE ART OF MOVEMENT - Ein Film von Boglárka Börcsök

Online premiere: THE ART OF MOVEMENT - a film by Boglárka Börcsök +++ Q&A on May 28

THE ART OF MOVEMENT is a sensual and insightful portrait of three dancers from Budapest: Irén, Éva and Ágnes, aged between 90 and 100 years old, were each once part of the early modern dance movement in Hungary. To survive the momentous socio-political changes of the last century, they transformed their lives and movement practices. Boglarka Börcsök’s film is an intimate encounter with these three personalities and their respective relationships to their own past and present.

Flora Détraz: On Muyte Maker - Video collage

›Muyte Maker‹, the performance that choreographer Flora Détraz would have presented at PACT during our Spring Festival, is a sensual, humorous and energetic experience, a homage to the power of transformation and joy. In her video, Flora offers us a closer, more intimate insight into her work: She shares her influences and sketches, designs for both the choreography and singing, as well as models in art history that inspired her production’s fulminant setting.

Get Lost

Get Lost - Podcast by Wendy Houstoun with Jonathan Burrows, Francesca Fargion, Matteo Fargion

Wendy Houstoun fronts a rock band to deliver a short talk on lostness, at once funny and deeply moving. You are invited to listen while walking or running in a moment of escape from the house, colliding your travels with a virtual journey that goes nowhere. Perfect for these times.

End Meeting for All
Forced Entertainment

Forced Entertainment: ›End Meeting For All‹ - Watch all episodes

Amidst the omnipresence of ongoing lockdowns and social distancing, the Sheffield based company Forced Entertainment turns to the web tool Zoom to present their new PACT co-production ›End Meeting For All‹ in which they explore the trials and tribulations of a new everyday digital reality. All episodes will be available until June 30.

Alexandra Bachzetsis: Chasing a Ghost - Short film documentary

›Chasing a Ghost‹, the latest work by artist and choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis, questions the choreographic archetype of the duet in a succession of doubles und doublings of bodies, sounds, spaces and images staged in a spectrum of violence and desire. The performance was due to celebrate its German premiere on the 03.04. at PACT. In the meantime, Alexandra has put together a short film featuring footage from the world premiere of ›Chasing a Ghost‹ at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Whistle While You Work
Fabio Neis

Whistle While You Work: Interview with Frances Chiaverini and Robyn Doty

We talked to Frances Chiaverini and Robyn Doty who initiated the project ›Whistle While You Work‹, a social justice project bringing to awareness sexism and abuses of power in the field of dance and performance.

In times like these – recommendations & current finds from PACT

:::VOICES::: Statements by international artists / A Blog by the Alliance of International Production Houses

The crisis triggered by Covid-19 hits artists worldwide hard and directly. For the blog project :::VOICES::: the Alliance of International Production Houses has invited international artists who are currently unable to work on our production houses to make statements about their current, individual and artistic situation.

Documentary: Ben J. Riepe ›ARENA ARCTICA‹ at PACT Zollverein (2016) (Director: Tim Lienhardt)

The documentation covering ›Arena Arctica‹ a performance installation lasting several days which came about within the stage facilities of PACT Zollverein in 2016, has recently been made available to a broader public: An abundant cosmos of genres and possibilities, of ideas and conversations, of atmosphere and sounds, neon and fog emerged within three days in the former pithead baths at World Heritage Site Zollverein, encompassing the collaboration with 20 performers, scientists, experts, and colleagues. Director Tim Lienhardt’s documentary functions as an archive on film, covering this trans-disciplinary, multi-day production, illuminating ›Arena Arctica‹’s gestation process as well as the foundational structures within Ben J. Riepe's choreographic operation processes.

Streaming: ›TAGFISH‹ von BERLIN

The Antwerp-based group BERLIN are famous for their astute portraits of cities. In ›TAGFISH‹ they shine a light on the Ruhr District. A sheikh from the Middle East wants to build a luxury hotel complex at Zollverein – a huge vision for the Ruhr District or an impossible endeavour on the grounds of a World Cultural Heritage site? For several weeks BERLIN interviewed protagonists from the city of Essen and its cultural landscape. Their docu-fiction, which had its world premiere at Theater der Welt in 2010 and was shown at PACT in the same year, can now be seen online.


IMPACT19 - Weaving Traces
Gestaltung: labor b designbüro Photo ©: Vlad Sokhin/laif


PACT’S yearly interactive symposium IMPACT brings together artists, practitioners, theoreticians and advanced students in the fields of dance, theatre, performance, visual arts, new media, film, music and architecture for a three day exchange engaging critically with the artistic strategies and working methods of three exceptional guest artists.

Blue Skies Bodies in trouble Körper in Aufruhr
Gestaltung: labor b designbüro

Blue Skies - Bodies in trouble // Lectures and talks available online

The growing impact of technology on life as we know it brings changes to our bodies, our communities and the environment – what can we do? How can we understand and shape these changes collectively? Over the course of five days, PACT and medienwerk.nrw shine an investigative light on active interdisciplinary perspectives on new narratives, speculative visions of the future and alternative practices in the company of international artists, scientists, activists, publicists, students and audience members. All lectures and talks are available to see online.

1/2/8 Forschungsfestival
Photo ©: Christine Grosche

1/2/8 Forschungsfestival

In Spring 2017, PACT launched 1/2/8, a new, central and long-term research and development format with a special focus on the connection between knowledge and actions. The format offers substantial time and space for practices of cooperation between people, objects, space, technology and experimentation.

Urban Space

Photo ©: Dirk Rose


›PACT Café‹ is a friendly informal space where local families of all countries of origin can drop by for a hot drink and some good conversation whilst their children between the ages of 4 and 6 can join in playful dance and movement activities.

Photo ©: Dirk Rose


Initiated by PACT in close collaboration with the ›Arbeitskreis Kunst und Soziales‹ (Art and Social Engagement Working Group), the WerkStadt is a new local hub for open and ongoing communal discourse, activities and knowledge transfer.

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PACT Café is reading for you

The PACT Café is back! PACT’s bright and spacious foyer, which is normally a popular meeting place for families from all over Essen on Wednesday afternoons, has now become the backdrop for an online edition of the PACT Café. Every Wednesday, we will publish a short video in which members of the PACT Café team will read to you from their favourite children's books (In German).

Together at Home
Christoph Sebastian

Together at home - The digital neighbourhood meeting place

In cooperation with many local partners, a digital space for creative communal encounters is under fresh construction and everyone in Katernberg is warmly invited to fill this new space with life.