Mette Ingvartsen

Choreographer and dancer Mette Ingvartsen (DK/BE) lives and works in Rennes and Brussels. In 2004 she graduated from  P.A.R.T.S. and has been developing her own projects since 2002. Her work deals with the change of perspectives and the perception of the body within different frameworks of presentation. In 2008 she took part in ›6M1L - SIX MONTHS ONE LOCATION‹ a project confronting questions around education, structures of production and artistic exchange initiated by Xavier Le Roy and Bojana Cvejic. She is part of the collective COCO’s who presented Breeding, Brains and Beauty in 2008 and has collaborated with Jan Ritsema and Bojana Cvejic on several theater performances. To date at PACT Zollverein, she has presented ›Manual Focus‹ (2004), ›No man’s gone now‹ (2004), ›Out of order‹ (2004), ›to come‹ (2005), ›Why We Love Action‹ (2006/2007), ›IT’S IN THE AIR‹ (2008). In 2010 she turned her attention to projects dealing with notions of artificial nature. In this context she created ›Giant City‹ and ›Evaporated Landscapes‹, which were both presented at PACT in 2010, and also ›The Artificial Nature Project‹ which premiered here in 2012. In October 2014 she returned with the premiere of ›69 positions‹, the first part of her ›Red Pieces‹ cycle focusing on the relation between the politics of the body and structures of society. This was followed by the second work of the series ›7 pleasures‹ in April 2016.

Mette Ingvartsen is part of the new artistic team at the Volksbühne in Berlin under the direction of Chris Dercon.
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