Tian Rotteveel
Tian Rotteveel: breathtaking

  • Sat 21.05.22 15:30 h
  • Sat 21.05.22 20:45 h
  • Sun 22.05.22 15:30 h

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vor Ort

An excerpt of ›breathtaking‹ will be shown which was made during the PACT fellowship 2020/2021. ›breathtaking‹ is the making of a music instrument where the making, learning and playing is the work of art itself . Breathtaking is a baroque instrument, learning works of Purcell and Bach by heart and perform them merely with physical gesture and vocal breath. We follow a performer's private relation to that music, making way through tinkering between memory and spontaneity between composed and self happening, between pleasure and failure, between sound and no sound, between music and dance. We see the performer practicing and playing these songs in different ways, at times using sensuous digital amplification that creates audible effects. Breathtaking is a tribute to the musician, who  spends hours learning and finding the affect between sound and materiality and distributes those found and made sounds into a room, both private and publicly creating the listening effect.

Tian Rotteveel is also showing his music intervention ›fieldworker‹ as part of PACT turns 20!

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