Flora Détraz

Flora Detraz studied Ballet at the Conservatoire de Paris, graduated in Literary Studies – Hypokhagne, Khâgne, graduated with a Master in Dance at the University Paris 8 and completed Maguy Marin's course at the CCN Lyon. She took part in a choreography research program in Lisbon together with Vera Mantero, Lia Rodrigues and Patricia Portela. During various workshops she had an opportunity to collaborate with Meredith Monk, Jonathan Burrows, Loïc Touzé among others. As a performer Flora works with Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Laurent Cèbe, Luiz Antunes and Miguel Pereira. Since 2013 Flora creates and presents her own work, among others: ›Peuplements‹ (2013), ›Gesächt‹ (2014), and ›Tutuguri‹ (2016).
To date at PACT
  • Fri 29.04.22 20 h
  • Sat 30.04.22 20 h
  • Sat 21.03.20 20 h

Flora Détraz
Muyte Maker /// CANCELLED

  • Sat 27.05.17 20 h
Performance Polyphonic solo

Flora Détraz