Spot on Economies — 1/2/8 Research Forum
Residencies, Lectures and Workshops

  • Fri 01.10.21Sun 17.10.21

Spot on Economies takes a look at economies as crucial cross-roads between social, ecological, and political futures. Over the course of two weeks (01.-17.10.), PACT opens its whole house for a collaborative residential research phase framed by a public programme of high-profile lectures and workshops. 

Over three weekends, Spot on Economies brings together artistic and theoretical positions that take up on and renegotiate different economic concepts.

Radical questions on the economy meet with alternative practices and together open up new horizons of thought and agency that are urgently demanded by the environmental crisis, feminist movements and processes of decolonization. The contributions to the public programme break away from thinking built on concepts such as scarcity, property, and growth and give space to alternative logics.


Initiated by Juliane Beck, Stefan Hilterhaus and Livia Andrea Piazza

A project within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.


The opening weekend explores possible alliances between science and activism to promote other economies (Ozan Alakavuklar) and brings the logic of abundance (Valeria Graziano and Giulia Palladini) into dialogue with the notion of de-growth/post-growth (Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie). The second weekend focuses on practices of commoning/communing. Can entrenched relationships to money be unlearned and replaced by practices of radical trust (Common Wallet)? On the final weekend, the programme looks to the future and, in a conversation on the decolonization of the economy (Surbhi Kesar and Ingrid Kvangraven) and a workshop on securing the future, proposes a change of perspective that embarks from the time horizons of teenagers (Groundwerk).

FRI 01.10.
19h Valeria Graziano & Giulia Palladini (Stream at PACT & online)
20h Ozan Alakavuklar 

SAT 02.10.
10 – 15h Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie

SAT 09.10.
20h Common Wallet

SUN 10.10.
10 – 18h Common Wallet

FRI 15.10.
20h Ingrid Kvangraven & Surbhi Kesar (online only)

SAT 16.10.
11 – 18h Siegmar Zacharias / Daniela Bershan
Groundwerk: Future Soils

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