Insights, perspectives,
actions & impulses

A letter by Protektorama toxica (cared for by J.P. Raether) 

Dear particles of Protektox 5.4.9, it was wonderful to encounter you-as-us in the Impossible Forest on September 13th. I-as-us hope the relation to me-as-an artificial witch still resonates with you-as-you. It certainly does for me-as-witch because the moment of my-as-our becoming a formation is how I-as-us exist in the real.

Second letter from Sophie De Somere & Barbara Raes

In the light of human finitude and the universal need to search for solace, with the interactive performance ›I listen‹ Sophie De Sommere and Barbara Raes are trying to bring the most modest form of consolation into the city. In their second letter, they are giving an insight into the idea behind the performance.

A letter from Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Maria Francesca Scaroni & Tian Rotteveel

Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Maria Francesca Scaroni & Tian Rotteveel are currently fellows at PACT. How did they experience the last weeks and how did this shape their collaboration? »During the last months, where life, relationships and work changed radically as a consequence of COVID, we were both inspired and forced to come up with alternative ways of meeting, researching and of creating mutual support in times of crisis*. Not able to touch, meeting outside became our working room.«

A letter from Sophie De Somere & Barbara Raes

During the time of the Corona crisis Sophie De Somere and Barbara Raes reflected on the notion of ›being with‹ and forms of care: “Being with” involves allowing yourself to be touched by the joys, sorrows and sadness of another. To be touched by external circumstances. We learned to “be with” during these months of pandemic crisis. It highly influenced our fellowhip at PACT, not only in the impossibility, but more overly in the potential to research how we could turn this dramatic period into something filled with radical hope. 

Threads of ›TechnoPoesis‹ – Letter

Johannes Paul Raether's aLifveForms and Nathan Fain are currently Fellows at PACT. In their letter they share an insight to their collaboration process and its thematic threads: »As part of the process of finding a common language between our artistic practices, we have started to situate our work as a grouping of threads that can be seen as collaborative methods which create a shared vector space. In some corners of this multi-dimensional space tangible outcomes may be blatantly noticeable, while in other areas the intersection of thematics seem distant making material outcomes elusive.«


The artists’ group HOOD invited 30 dance practitioners to take part in a nine-day critical exchange at Zollverein – the ARTIST SUMMIT in the frame of the Dance Platform in Germany 2018. To give an insight into the event, HOOD created a publication which documents the material and immaterial outcomes of the encounter.  

Interview towards the project ›Whistle While You Work‹

We talked to Robyn Doty und Frances Chiaverini who initiated the project ›Whistle While You Work‹, a social justice project bringing awareness to sexism and abuses of power in the fields of dance and performance.

#ResidencyInsights: Cyril Baldy

Cyril Baldy, member of the HOOD collective, freelance choreographer and dancer, is currently in residency at PACT. 

Atelier Spezial: ›1/2/8 – Demanding Responses‹

Wie lassen sich Wissen und Handeln verknüpfen, neue Formen der Kollaboration finden?

Im Dezember haben wir die Forschungsresidenz ›1/2/8 – Demanding Responses‹ mit unserem beliebten Atelier-Format verbunden und euch einen Abend lang Talks & Performances erkunden lassen.

Mit Work Hard! Play Hard! working group, Nicholas Bussmann, Michael Guggenheim, André Alves, Hannah Hurtzig, Pedro Rocha & Wandering Dunes, Danae Theodoridou, Matthias Planitzer, FORMATIONS und HOOD!