A letter from Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Maria Francesca Scaroni & Tian Rotteveel

by Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Maria Francesca Scaroni & Tian Rotteveel


During the last months, where life, relationships and work changed radically as a consequence of COVID, we were both inspired and forced to come up with alternative ways of meeting, researching and of creating mutual support in times of crisis*. Not able to touch, meeting outside became our working room. Here we dedicated to practices for coming Down to Earth, we learnt how to build a shelter, slow down and make fire. We invested in technologies of care to practice with others: Learning generative somatics, mindfulness, emotional CPR and consent practices. We instigated practices of ecstasy, rituals, to keep on dancing, using music to keep connecting distant dancing bodies going collectively on a drift: 

»If the evolution of the modern subject has corresponded with the progressive suffocation of communal joyfulness, how would it then be to center pleasure as an organizing principle?« (Maria Scaroni, 22.06.20)

These coming month you find us working and exchanging at Heizhaus Berlin, Ponderosa Stolzenhagen and Gropius Bau, Berlin in the context of the Festival ‘Down to Earth’

* Crisis etymologically is to be understood as a decisive  turning point in the progress of a disease, a point at which change must come, for better or worse

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