1/2/8 – Urban Frictions

by Christine Grosche


1/2/8 – Urban Frictions // #InProgress

For the third edition of the research festival 1/2/8, a gathering of international artists, scientists and experts will once again descend on PACT and the WerkStadt for a focused exchange of knowledge and practical know-how.

Over the course of the festival period, forums, project presentations, open laboratory visits and cooperative field studies will introduce participants to new perspectives and offer them time and space in which to explore their own ideas. As the focal point of this chapter, the city will become a setting for artistic, social and political activity in which the clash of different infrastructures, needs and living realities gives rise to complexity and productive friction.

During their 1/2/8 - Urban Frictions residency h-artlab are starting their research process called 'La Zone', which consists into questioning how we appropriate an unknown area.

During their stay at PACT Zollverein they are about to explore physically the place, collecting maps, gathering, organising and transforming the objects they find, and reading about human and anarchist geographies. By bounding the surface, observing the landform, finding and creating landmarks, they would like to consider how the territory can be thought in a sensitive and subjective approach and to interrogate how maps build a narrative on our world.

Sat 26.05.18 17 h – 23 h
7 artistic positions in 7 rooms

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