Spot on Economies - 1/2/8 Research Forum: Lecture mit Common Wallet
Practicing trust through money

1/2/8 Discourse

The Common Wallet is an initiative of 11 Brussels-based people who, since January 2018, live out of a common bank account. They wire all their individual income into the shared account, and each uses the money according to their needs, wishes and desires, no matter if it corresponds with the income they contributed or not.  

In their lecture, Ingrid Vranken, Tiziana Penna and Adva Zakaï, three members of Common Wallet, will introduce the basic principles of the project and open a dialogue with the public.

They will attempt to look more closely at the influence of income pooling on the relationship to work, how this pooling operates as a natural amplifier of the notion of trust and, finally, how to set in motion inequalities.

As part of Spot On Economies – 1/2/8 Research Forum.

Initiated by Juliane Beck, Stefan Hilterhaus and Livia Andrea Piazza

A project within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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