Wim Vandekeybus

Wim Vandekeybus (BE) is a director, choreographer, actor and photographer. He worked for two years as an actor with Jan Fabre before setting up his own company, Ultima Vez. Soon after, he made his international breakthrough with his first choreographic production What the Body Does Not Remember (1987). In 1988, Wim Vandekeybus won the Bessie Award in New York, where he was honoured for "a brutal confrontation of dance and music: the dangerous, combative landscape of What the Body Does Not Remember." At the heart of his work is the instinctive body; the restless, unpredictable body, strong and vulnerable at the same time; the body of reflexes. Since his first production, music has been a very important and inherent factor in all his performances. Therefore, Vandekeybus has asked Peter Vermeersch, Thierry De Mey, David Byrne, Marc Ribot, Eavesdropper and David Eugene Edwards amongst others to compose the music for his shows. In his films and videos, Vandekeybus' creativity takes on a very original form. By integrating cinematic productions into his performances, he introduces what is often a complex relationship between the screen and the stage. Besides the short films and the video extracts which are an integral part of his performances, Vandekeybus also adapts some of his dance productions for video, working with Walter Verdin and Octavio Iturbe amongst others.
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