William Forsythe

When William Forsythe was appointed artistic director of Ballett Frankurt in 1984 he set out to create challenging original works, which were removed from conventional ballet, and to build a new audience. Since this time, Forsythe has developed a unique ballet aesthetic that does not deny traditional ballet technique but which deconstructs/constructs, dismantles, re-orders, varies, broadens and challenges the lexicon. Based on Forsyth's "Improvisation Technology" his company generates and modifies movement material right up to and including the moment of actual performance "... to overcome the choreography and get back to what the dance really is".

Forsythe's key works over the last 20 years include "Gänge" (1982), "Artifact" (1984), "Impressing the Czar" (1988), "Limb's Theorem" (1991), "The Loss of Small Detail" (1991), "A L I E/N A(C)TION" (1992), "Eidos:Telos" (1995), "Endless House" (1999) and "Kammer/Kammer" (2000). From 2005 Forsythe will work with his company at the Festspielhaus Hellerau near Dresden as well as at the Bockenheimer Depot (TAT) in Frankfurt.

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