Jefta van Dinther

Choreographer and dancer Jefta van Dinther studied at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (MTD). In 2005 und 2007 he performed at PACT in Mette Ingvartsen’s productions ›to come‹ and ›Why We Love Action‹. In 2008, he and Mette Ingvartsen also developed and premiered their internationally celebrated collaboration ›It’s in the air‹ at PACT. His works include ›The Way Things Go‹ (2009) a quintet which was taken in to the Cullberg Ballet’s repertoire, ›Kneeding‹ (2010) and ›The Blanket Dance‹ (2011) made in collaboration with Frederic Gies and DD Dorvillier. Jefta van Dinther is a frequent guest at PACT where to date he has shown ›GRIND‹ (2012), ›This is concrete‹ (2013), ›Plateau Effect‹ (2014 with the Cullberg Ballet), ›As It Empties Out‹ (2015) and ›Protagonist‹ (2017 with the Cullberg Ballet). In 2018 he will present ›Dark Field Analysis‹ here.

Jefta is the recipient of numerous prizes and awards including the ›Wild Card 2012‹ and ›The Youth Jury Award‹ at the NRW theatre festival FAVORITEN 2012 for ›GRIND‹ and the Swedish Dance Critics Association’s Dance Award 2013 for ›Plateau Effect‹.

Between 2012-2014 Jefta van Dinther was the artistic director of the MA programme in choreography at DOCH (University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm). 

To date at PACT
  • Fri 05.10.18 20 h
  • Sat 06.10.18 20 h
  • Fri 03.02.17 20 h
  • Sat 04.02.17 20 h
Performance Dance / Performance

Jefta van Dinther / Cullberg

  • Fri 13.02.15 20 h
  • Sat 14.02.15 20 h
Performance Dance / Performance

Jefta van Dinther
›As It Empties Out‹

  • Fri 08.03.13 21 h
  • Sat 09.03.13 21 h
Performance Performance

Jefta van Dinther / Thiago Granato
This is concrete

  • Fri 02.03.12 20 h
  • Sat 03.03.12 20 h
Performance Performance

Jefta van Dinther / Minna Tiikkainen / David Kiers

  • Fri 13.06.08 20 h
  • Sat 14.06.08 20 h
Performance Dance

Jefta van Dinther / Mette Ingvartsen