Since the start of their collaboration in 2003, Kattrin Deufert (DE) and Thomas Plischke (DE) have repeatedly worked with the metaphor of the most intimate relationship possible and defined their symbiosis as that of non-biological twins. In the process they have not only developed distinct stylistic elements, but also a choreographic practice of their own. deufert + plischke works for the stage include ›inexhaustible (RW)‹ (2003), ›Sofia Sp – science is fiction‹ (2004), ›as if (it was beautiful)‹ (2004), ›Ich lebe selbst in (diese Stadt)‹ (2007) as well as the trilogy ›Directories‹ (2003-2006) and ›Reportable Portraits“ (2007)‹. As artist twins they teach composition, aesthetics and dramaturgy at the University of Hamburg and other universities for the arts in Europe.
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