In the frame of German Dance Platform 2018


The artists’ group HOOD invited 30 dance practitioners to take part in a nine-day critical exchange at Zollverein – the ARTIST SUMMIT in the frame of the Dance Platform in Germany 2018. The emphasis of the summit was on exchange between the participating artists in concern of significant issues in dance in Germany and internationally. 

The project proposed a forum in which to explore and challenge practices in the performing arts and potentially embed them in new contexts. Questioning the roles of aesthetics as well as practical working conditions, the incentive seeked to foster self-organization among the individuals present, enabling unexpected outcomes and enacted thoughts that complement, expand and diversify the programme of the Dance Platform 2018. 

To give an insight into the event, HOOD created a publication which documents the material and immaterial outcomes of the encounter.  

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With 30 artists commissioned by PACT Zollverein curated by choreographer Fabrice Mazliah and hosted by the artist group HOOD.

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