#HOODInsights: Cyril Baldy

Residenzen Fellowships

HOOD member Cyril Baldy – Artist in residency at PACT

Cyril Baldy, member of the HOOD collective, freelance choreographer and dancer, is currently in residency at PACT. 

How are you using your residency? Can you describe your work approach? 

During this residency I’m focusing on inviting my body to dance with me under the assumption that there is a separation between my body and myself.

Every day, I start by inviting my body to do a specific dance against the background of its own knowledge. I aim to ease the habitual physical patterns that I am used to, which are often unconscious and faster than I am. So for a moment, I step back from doing anything that makes this happen and pay attention to whatever comes, or is left, as a bodily response to this invitation. What shows up, as thoughts and body sensation, might seem to have nothing to do with the original intention, it may even feel unfamiliar, but yet what appears seems to be just right.


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