Moving in concert
Mette Ingvartsen ›Moving in concert‹ © Marc Domage

Programme Preview

Check out what's coming in fall and winter at PACT! With world premieres by Forced Entertainment and Kate McIntosh, NOW! festival with Noé Soulier, a German premiere by Mette Ingvartsen and much more. Pre-Sale starts in September!

Forced Entertainment: Table Top Shakespeare
Hugo Glendinning

Forced Entertainment: ›Table Top Shakespeare - At Home Edition‹. Online from September 17!

36 plays in 36 nights. The idea behind ›Complete works: Table Top Shakespeare‹, with which Forced Entertainment has delighted over 35,000 people in 12 countries since its premiere in 2015, is as simple as it is ingenious. Six performers bring every play ever written by Shakespeare to life using only a collection of ordinary everyday objects as stand-ins for the characters on the one metre stage of a table top.

1000 Scores

1000 Scores - Pieces for Here, Now and Later

Initiated by David Helbich, Helgard Haug and Cornelius Puschke, the PACT-co-production ›1000 Scores‹ offers an online-collection of instructional performance works by international artists. The scores invite viewers to become protagonists and perform the instructions themselves – new pieces will be added each week!

PACTconnected - Let's stay in touch online!

Anne Nguyen: À mon bel amour / Video sequences and glossary

›À mon bel amour‹, which would have been presented at PACT in March, brings different urban dance styles including Voguing, Waacking, Popping, Locking and Krump into mesmerising interaction with classical and contemporary dance. For #pactconnected, Anne Nguyen has now compiled a glossary of urban dance styles and shared three video sequences of her work.

fieldworks portrait - A documentary film by Klaas Boelen

fieldworks portrait (documentary) is a film by Belgian film maker Klaas Boelen. It was shot during the preparations and happenings of fieldworks portrait, a three-day performative exhibition devoted to the work of Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki that was held at PACT in June 2018.

Kat Válastur: Arcana Swarm - Video collage

This video is an attempt to bring to the surface the emotional core of ›Arcana Swarm‹ and the thread that traverses it. ›Arcana Swarm‹ is a work about the state of humanity today and, for me, an allegory of humanity.

Ingrid LaFleur: Breathing in Blackness – Temporal Dimensions of Utopia / Lecture at IMPACT19

In her lecture ›Breathing in Blackness: Temporal Dimensions of Utopia‹ in the framework of IMPACT19 in November 2019, La Fleur investigated the notion of utopia within Afrofuturism in an attempt to examine how Black bodies can access, build and evolve their safe spaces.

Alexandra Bachzetsis: Chasing a Ghost - Short film documentary

›Chasing a Ghost‹, the latest work by artist and choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis, questions the choreographic archetype of the duet in a succession of doubles und doublings of bodies, sounds, spaces and images staged in a spectrum of violence and desire. The performance was due to celebrate its German premiere on the 03.04. at PACT. In the meantime, Alexandra has put together a short film featuring footage from the world premiere of ›Chasing a Ghost‹ at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Information on support and links to further resources for artists during the current situation.

In times like these – recommendations & current finds from PACT

:::VOICES::: Statements by international artists / A Blog by the Alliance of International Production Houses

The crisis triggered by Covid-19 hits artists worldwide hard and directly. For the blog project :::VOICES::: the Alliance of International Production Houses has invited international artists who are currently unable to work on our production houses to make statements about their current, individual and artistic situation.

Transformella malor
© Photo: Dirk Rose

Transformella malor ikeae on the TFLR-function (published in Texte zur Kunst)

The lifeline ›Transformella‹ was created by the artist Johannes Paul Raether and appeared at PACT in the framework of the festival ›Blue Skies - Bodies in Trouble‹ in the shape of the identity Transformella malor. The performative activation of Transformella is based on a programming code that Johannes Paul Raether developed during his current fellowship at PACT. In the current issue of ›Texte zur Kunst‹, the identity deciphers this code to make it readable.

Streaming: ›TAGFISH‹ von BERLIN

The Antwerp-based group BERLIN are famous for their astute portraits of cities. In ›TAGFISH‹ they shine a light on the Ruhr District. A sheikh from the Middle East wants to build a luxury hotel complex at Zollverein – a huge vision for the Ruhr District or an impossible endeavour on the grounds of a World Cultural Heritage site? For several weeks BERLIN interviewed protagonists from the city of Essen and its cultural landscape. Their docu-fiction, which had its world premiere at Theater der Welt in 2010 and was shown at PACT in the same year, can now be seen online.


IMPACT19 - Weaving Traces
Gestaltung: labor b designbüro Photo ©: Vlad Sokhin/laif


PACT’S yearly interactive symposium IMPACT brings together artists, practitioners, theoreticians and advanced students in the fields of dance, theatre, performance, visual arts, new media, film, music and architecture for a three day exchange engaging critically with the artistic strategies and working methods of three exceptional guest artists.

Blue Skies Bodies in trouble Körper in Aufruhr
Gestaltung: labor b designbüro

Blue Skies - Bodies in trouble // Lectures and talks available online

The growing impact of technology on life as we know it brings changes to our bodies, our communities and the environment – what can we do? How can we understand and shape these changes collectively? Over the course of five days, PACT and shine an investigative light on active interdisciplinary perspectives on new narratives, speculative visions of the future and alternative practices in the company of international artists, scientists, activists, publicists, students and audience members. All lectures and talks are available to see online.

1/2/8 Forschungsfestival
Photo ©: Christine Grosche

1/2/8 Forschungsfestival

In Spring 2017, PACT launched 1/2/8, a new, central and long-term research and development format with a special focus on the connection between knowledge and actions. The format offers substantial time and space for practices of cooperation between people, objects, space, technology and experimentation.

Urban Space


The PACT Café is staying connected with you: PACT’s bright and spacious foyer, which is normally a popular meeting place for families from all over Essen on Wednesday afternoons, has now become the backdrop for an online edition of the PACT Café. Members of the PACT Café team will read to you from their favourite children's books. In this way, we hope to bring a small piece of PACT Café atmosphere to your home and still spend some quality time together, even if we are physically separated.

Photo ©: Dirk Rose


Initiated by PACT in close collaboration with the ›Arbeitskreis Kunst und Soziales‹ (Art and Social Engagement Working Group), the WerkStadt is a new local hub for open and ongoing communal discourse, activities and knowledge transfer.