Alexandra Waierstall
(T)here and After

  • Wed 03.05.17 20 h

In ›(T)here and After‹ Dusseldorf choreographer Alexandra Waierstall collaborates with artist Marianna Christofides and composer HAUSCHKA to create an acoustic-physical environment that gives rise to endless possibilities for new beginnings. In the face of warnings of a man-made apocalypse, Waierstall evokes poetic images of a new alternative man-made age that is still to be.

›(T)here and After‹ is Alexandra Waierstalls third work in collaboration with the musician HAUSCHKA. All three works to date are concerned with the embodiment of abandoned places and no-man’s-land as examples of mankind’s impact on the Earth.

official Opening tanz nrw 19.30 h

Choreography, concept: Alexandra Waierstall


Artistic collaboration: Marianna Christofides

Performance, collaboration: Eldad Ben-Sasson, Ionna Paraskevoloulou, Damien Fournier, Harry Koushos, Martyna Lorenc, Anna Pehrsson, Emmi Väisänen

Collaboration: Dani Brown

Light design: Alexandra Waierstall, Marianna Christofides, Ansgar Kluge

Sound design: Michael Buchholz

Costumes, stage: Alexandra Waierstall, Horst Weierstall

Management: Judith Jaeger

Production: Alexandra Waierstall

Co-production: tanzhaus nrw (Düsseldorf), Dance Ireland, Dance Gate Lefkosia Cyprus

Support: Ministry for Families, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Cultural Office of the State Capital Dusseldorf, Kunststiftung NRW, National Performance Network (NPN), Co-production Fund for Dance supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media on the basis of a resolution passed by the German Bundestag

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