Silke Grabinger / SILK

  • A collaboration between Silke Grabinger, the Circus of Knowledge and the Institute of Robotics at the Johannes Kepler University.
  • Performance Durational
  • Sat 27.04.24 16 h – 19 h

For people aged 16 and older


The performance ›SPOTSHOTBEUYS‹ brings together the urban-contemporary dancer Silke Grabinger with ›Spot‹, the robotic dog developed by Boston Dynamics. Departing from Joseph Beuys' performance ›I like America and America likes me‹, in which the artist enclosed himself in a room with an American coyote for three days, she explores the current relationship between humans and technology. While the dog is no longer symbolically representative of primal nature like the coyote, but rather the product of contemporary technological advancements, the relationship to it is not dissimilar. However, the role of mediating between dog and human now asserts itself with its own autonomy. Here, the roles must be questioned all the more: where does the danger originate, who controls whom, and who can or must be tamed by who?

The audience may enter and leave the space at their own discretion during the specified times. On the 26.04., Silke Grabinger will also give a lecture providing insight into her work.

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Concept, Choreography & Performance: Silke Grabinger Rehearsal Management: Gergely Dudás-Simó Dramaturgy: Ludwig Felhofer, Silke Grabinger Costume Design: Bianca Fladerer Lighting Design: Max Windisch-Spoerk Outside Eye: Michael Stolhofer, Michael Eickhoff Production: Gergely Dudás-Simó Press: Bettina Bakos Video: Karol Kensy Photo: Meinrad Hofer

In cooperation with: Francisco Carolinum and SILK KLISCOPE. The performance was developed as part of an artist in residence programme at Bildraum Studio. Produced by SILK Fluegge & SILK Cie. Supported by City of Linz, State Oberösterreich and BMKOES.

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