Tiago Guedes

  • During ›dynamo‹ – Junge Tanzplattform
  • Performance Performance for children
  • Tue 16.12.14 14 h

›dynamo‹ gets underway with ›Matrioska‹ an acclaimed performance for children by Portuguese choreographer Tiago Guedes. The starting point for the piece is the idea that there are many layers of meaning in the things that surround us. What we see is the first, most obvious image, with many other images hiding behind it. Using the simplest of means, Guedes creates a place of constant discovery and curiosity, a magical world full of shapes, shadows and characters that amuse, delight, startle and raise questions. 

›Matrioska‹ is suitable for children aged between 6 and 10 

Direction, choreography: Tiago Guedes

With: Francesca Bertozzi, Pietro Romani

Set, costumes: Catarina Saraiva

Sound design: Sérgio Cruz

Music: Sérgio Cruz, basierend auf der Symphonie Nr. 1 in d-moll (opus 13) von Sergeij Rachmaninov

Light design: Mafalda Oliveira, Tiago Guedes

Technical direction: Mafalda Oliveira

Production: Materiais Diversos

Co-production: Le Vivat (Armentières), Centro de Pedagogia e Animaҫão (CPA) do Centro Cultural de Belém (Lisbon), Re.AL (Lisbon)

Supported: RE.AL, Atelier RE.AL (Lisbon)

Thanks to: Filipe Galante


Supported by: ›dynamo‹ dance platform for young people, the Ministry for Families, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

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