Language: Excerpts from Khuê Pham's novel are read aloud (in German, occasionally interspersed with Vietnamese). Surtitles in German and Vietnamese accompany the readings.

Duration: 80 mins

Trigger Warning: The performance includes depictions of war and portrays forms of racism. Recommended minimum age: 12 years.

For the performance we offer early boarding. This involves advance admission to the stage area. The offer is aimed at people who may require the opportunity to experience the conditions of the venue in advance and to find a suitable seat in relation to their own needs. Registration for early boarding:


The dance theatre piece ›Kim‹ is based on the novel ›Wo auch immer ihr seid‹ (›Wherever You Are‹) by the award-winning Berlin journalist Khuê Pham, which deals with the effects of the Vietnam War (or the »American War«, as it is known in Vietnam) and the associated dispersion of her own family to several continents. ›Kim‹ stands for the neutral German name that the book's protagonist gives herself in order to avoid the constant questions about the pronunciation of her Vietnamese name and her »real« origins. Against the backdrop of the book's narrative, the German-Taiwanese choreographer Fang Yun Lo, together with Khuê Pham and five dancers with diverse intercultural backgrounds, explores the protracted search for identity among young people from immigrant families. Through a blend of dance, literature, and film, they pose questions that resonate universally: What has made me the person I am today? Who are our parents - and who am I? How do historical catastrophes and wars shape the lives of entire generations?

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Creation, Dance: Kati Masami Menze, David Le Thai, Lan Mi Le, Ta Vu Kha Chanh, Nam Tran Xuan Text: Khuê Pham (btb/Penguin Random House) Direction: Fang Yun Lo Video: Andrés Hilarión Madariaga Video sound: Alicia Luz Rodríguez Dramaturgy: Betty Yi-Chun Chen Set design: Cheng-Ting Chen Costume: Cristina Lelli Music: David Le Thai, Patrik Zosso Light design, Technical direction: Max Rux Production management: Sabina Stücker

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