Gypsi Brassband

  • Sun 30.03.03 20 h

With an unbelievable talent for intricate rhythms and dizzy tempos, the ten Romany Gypsy musicians who make up the Fanfare Ciocårlia brass ensemble ignite musical firework displays of ›Fast-Speed-Brass-Music‹ that celebrates traditional Romanian dances and rhythms from Turkey, Bulgaria and Macedonia as well as current melodies from movies or international radio hits adapted to Fanfare Ciocårlia's very own style

»... a band of speed demons, laughing its way across the bumpiest musical terrain ...« New York Times

»Without a care for the notes, the ten brass players transform feelings directly into sound ... ,exotic dances and moving hymns draw the audience into an exciting unfamiliar world.« Leipziger Volkszeitung

Musicians: Costicã Trifan, Christinel Cantea, Constantin Cantea, Laurentiu Ivancea, Radulescu Lazar, Ioan Ivancea, Costel Ursu, Dan Ionel Ivancea, Constantin Calin, Nicolae Ionita

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