Feiko Beckers
Deadpan and Disco

  • Thu 21.05.15 19:30 h
  • Fri 22.05.15 19:30 h

With the help of his real friends and family members, Dutch Artist Feiko Beckers recounts and stages personal stories and experiences that often revolve around personal failures, accidents and embarrassments. His work is an attempt to find answers to the unexpected and relentless nature of these unfortunate events. Incorporating video, performance, spoken text, sculptures and even songs, he sets up engaging tales, which are always interrupted unexpectedly, thereby signaling their unavoidable and pre-determined failure.

Can you ask for a middle seat on an airplane at the airport check-in? Can you ruin a friendship because you don't want to take off your shoes before entering someone's house?

In ›Deadpan and Disco‹ Feiko Becker gives voice to his fascination for the unpredictable consequences of seemingly insignificant choices in a series of statements about things that he knows how to do better than others. 

Thanks to: Centrale Fies, Dro Italy, Live Works Performance Art Award and Julien Perez

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