Toshiki Okada
Current Location

  • Performance Performance in Japanese with German surtitles
  • Fri 19.10.12 20 h
  • Sat 20.10.12 20 h

Toshiki Okada, the Japanese playwright, theatre director and founder of the company chelfitsch, is known for his fragmented idiosyncratic language and disjointed use of everyday gestures and movements. In his latest work ›Current Location‹ he depicts a society in the face of impending disaster torn between a desire for stability and a desire for change. In short episodes, Okada sketches the delicate relations between his characters as they try to deal with increasing states of anxiety and insecurity as well as loneliness in an individualistic society. Playing on different layers of narrative, Okada blurs the boundaries between truth and perception, reality and fiction.


Text, direction: Toshiki Okada

Performers:  Luchino Yamazaki, Yukiko Sasaki, Saho Ito, Kei Namba, Mari Ando, Izumi Aoyagi, Azusa Kamimura

Stage: Shusaku Futamura

Music: Sangatsu

Stage management: Koro Suzuki

Sound: Norimasa Ushikawa

Light: Tomomi Ohira

Video: Shimpei Yamada

Dramaturgy: Sebastian Breu

Production management: Akane Nakamura

Company management: Tamiko Ouki

Production: chelfitsch

In collaboration with: precog, Tokyo

Co-production: Doosan Art Center

Commissioned and produced by KAAT (Kanagawa Art Theater) Japan

Supported by: The Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan 

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