Box with Holes (2005)

Free admission

For one visitor at a time.
Duration 15 mins.

How does the experience of physical closeness and touch change in a world in which human contact takes place to an increasing extent through technology? ›Box with Holes‹ is a multimedia performance installation for one person at a time. In intimate 15-minute sessions, each visitor’s perceptions and sensory impressions are put to the test and expanded. Is something real simply because we can feel it?

Concept, choreography, video: Heine Avdal Performance: Michiel Reynaert, Heine Avdal and Krisjanis Sants Artistic assistance: Yukiko Shinozaki Co-production: Dans in Kortrijk, BankART 1929 (Yokohama), Brakke Grond Theater (Amsterdam), BIT-Teatergarasjen (Bergen), Teaterhuset Avantgarden (Trondheim), Beursschouwburg (Brussels) Supported by: Kulturrådet – Norsk Kulturfond, Kulturrådet – Fond For Lyd og Bilde

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