fieldworks is the organization that produces and distributes the work of Avdal and Shinozaki. Based in Brussels, fieldworks is the successor to deepblue, the collective in which Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki, along with sound artist Christoph De Boeck, have realized their projects between 2002 and 2012. In 2018 PACT dedicated a multi-day ›Portrait‹ to fieldworks.

Yukiko Shinozaki (Japan) studied classical ballet in Tokyo from age 6 to 18. After high school, she moved to the USA to study contemporary dance and psychology at Portland State University. While living in New York, she presented her own work at venues including the Judson Church, St. Mark’s Church, and the Merce Cunningham Studio. She also performed in productions by Yasmeen Godder, Raimund Hoghe, Meg Stuart, and many others. Since 1996, Shinozaki has been collaborating with Heine Avdal, and they have created more than 20 projects. Shinozaki’s work focuses on internal complexities and contradictions of the body. The process of transformation plays an important role in her movement vocabulary: Through subtle shifts and manipulations, familiar actions slowly transform into an unfamiliar realm/ landscape. She considers artistic collaborations as an important factor in her work and consciously integrates coincidental elements that arise in encounters with different artists and situations.

Heine Avdal (Norway) is active in the fields of contemporary dance, performance, video and visual arts. After studying at the Oslo National College of the Arts (1991-1994) and PARTS (1995-1996) in Brussels, he worked as a performer for various companies. He also collaborated with Mette Edvardsen, Liv Hanne Haugen and Lawrence Malstaf on the performance installation ›Sauna in Exile‹ (2005-2006), and choreographed ›horizontal plane‹ (2010) for the Norwegian National Contemporary Dance Company Carte Blanche. Since 2000, Heine Avdal has created and produced more than 20 different performing arts projects, most often in collaboration with Yukiko Shinozaki. Their projects have toured extensively at international theaters and festivals.

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nothing’s for something (2012)