Baby is coming. Baby is beautiful. Baby will get you. They are wicked, they are rich. But they still want more. There's never enough drugs, never enough sex, never enough love - too much is not enough. When you have everything bodies are cheap. Money has bought them everything, now they want to buy death.
›Baby› is one big bed and one big bad nightmare.
›Baby‹ is an orgy of words written with bodies.
›Baby‹ is innocent – we are guilty.
›Baby‹ is a dance of death with heavenly bodies. Late one night, four sick people trapped in one room with blood on their hands. They go too far in a night of serious fun and messy murder. In a world where everything has lost its meaning we fall from grace and into the black abyss of faithless immorality. So, what would you do if you only had one hour to live? Love or kill? Nigel Charnock creates mad, sexy, funny theatre for everyone. In this work he explores the meaning of desire and our fear of death. 'Baby' is a dark, horrifically funny, physical theatre piece about love, sex, death and your most secret fantasies.

Warning: ›Baby‹ contains scenes of an adult nature that some people may find shockingly funny.

»Very rarely has a dancer (in this case a severely inadequate job title) brought to the stage such verbal or physical expression. Whether we talk about his performances with DV8, his solo works, or his qualities as a writer and director – most recently with the Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company – Charnock's work is always based on a deadly funny combination of utmost honesty and mischievous ingenuity. It is brutal, arrogant and really makes you laugh - usually all at the same time.« Keith Watson, Dance Theatre Journal Vol. 19, no. 2 / 2003

Choreography: Nigel Charnock

Dance: Harri Kuorelahti, Janne Marja-aho, Kaisa Torkkel, Sofia Hilli, Ville Sormunen

Light: Vesa Ellilä

Costumes, Stage: Nigel Charnock

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