Juan Duarte Regino
Atmospheric Listening

  • Sat 27.04.24 20:30 h

Free admission

Program life.like

Juan Duarte Regino’s lecture performance on ›Atmospheric Listening‹ is delving deeply into the relationship between technology and environmental awareness, while drawing connections to fundamental concepts such as attunement, resonance, and techno-embodiment. This exploration unfolds as a comprehensive genealogy of both artistic and scientific practices centered around the use of technology to augment human sensory experiences, particularly through the medium of sound.

The ongoing artistic research known as ›Atmospheric Listening‹, led by Juan Duarte Regino, synthesizes instrument creation influenced by principles of meteorology and immersive methods for perceiving and interacting with our surroundings. This initiative delves into the realm of Hybrid Listening, utilizing advanced technologies and embracing a more-than-human perspective to bridge ancient weather observation and divination practices with modern remote sensing techniques and data sonification. This proposition delves into various modes of literacy concerning weather phenomena, presenting them as coordinated approaches to fine-tuning our sensory perception of the atmospheric environment.

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