Juan Duarte Regino

Juan Duarte Regino is a Mexican artist-researcher and a current Ph.D. candidate at Aalto University in Finland. He has a BA in Audiovisual Communication from Claustro de Sor Juana and a Master of Arts in New Media, Design, and Production from Aalto. He has collected vast experiences in sound design, interactive technologies, and media research. His work revolves around the symbiotic relationship between nature and technology through environmental sound. His approach yields unique artifacts resonating with the connection between nature and technology. He aims to create diversified technologies that facilitate augmented listening experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of the environment's interplay with technology and culturally situated knowledge. His artistic work has been showcased at events and venues, including the CTM Festival, Spiral Gallery, RIXC, ISEA, Goethe Institute, Beijing, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Zürich, and Media Lab Matadero.

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Juan Duarte Regino
Atmospheric Listening

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