Jeroen Peeters / Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods

  • Sat 12.12.09 18:30 h

Since choreographer Meg Stuart presented her debut Disfigure study at the Klapstuk festival (Louvain) in 1991 and founded her company Damaged Goods in Brussels in 1994, she has been a regular guest in theatres all over Europe and became a key figure in contemporary dance. In the artist’s book Are we here yet?, Stuart reflects on her own practice in dialogue with Jeroen Peeters and several (former) Damaged Goods collaborators. It includes essays by Myriam Van Imschoot and André Lepecki, and visual contributions by Doris Dziersk, Tina Kloempken, Jorge Léon and Anna Viebrock, among others.

›Are we here yet?‹, edited by Jeroen Peeters & Meg Stuart | published by Les presses du réel in December 2009 | in English and French.

PACT Zollverein is delighted to host the launch of the book ›Are we here yet?‹  To mark the occasion in the presence of the book’s editors - Meg Stuart und Jeroen Peeters – we warmly invite our audience members to join us in the foyer for a celebratory drink after the performance of ›Do Animals Cry‹ on Saturday 12.12.!

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