Claudia Lichtblau

  • Fri 24.10.03 20 h
  • Sat 25.10.03 20 h

Anthropologoi: (m/pl.) [Greek] Human - to say, to speak, portray, word, saying, customer, writing, arithmetic, cause and purpose, reason.

In her latest production, Claudia Lichtblau delivers what is in the first instance a stage work yet she distances herself further than ever from the conventional image of the dancer as a sublimate figure. Claudia Lichtblau mercilessly exposes the human body to the orderings of its own media representation and observes, like in the sequence of an experiment, how it changes, forms and shapes itself. [Jörg M. Detmold]

Claudia Lichtblau works with the medium of movement: movement that can become dance - and that can initiate the movement of thought or "dance" in the mind, in the soul of the viewer.

Choreography: Claudia Lichtblau

Soloist: Matthias Hartmann

Apparatus 1: Claudia Lichtblau

Apparatus 2: Sophie Schmalriede

Apparatus 3: Jörg M. Detmold

Apparatus 4: Kilian Schwoon

Supported by: Kulturbüro Essen, Ministerium für Städtebau und Wohnen, Kultur und Sport and Kunststiftung NRW in co-operation with PACT Zollverein/Choreographisches Zentrum NRW (Essen)

Photo: Jörg M. Detmold

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