Jim Trainor
The animals and their limitations

  • Thu 11.11.10 19 h
Black marker pens on white paper bring to life prehistoric reptiles, dolphins, warriors and blood-drinking priestesses from the Mochica civilisation on 16mm film. Characteristic of Jim Trainor’s unique animation style is the way he mixes disturbing physicality with sensitive charm. His almost raw technique allows his characters to pulsate on the screen: the shape of their bodies changes from picture to picture and so emphasises their physicality. At heart Trainor’s stories are based on archeological, biological, social facts that follow the theory of evolution, from here he develops often humorous and profound stories - allegories in which animals hold a mirror up to mankind.
The following films will be shown:
›Harmony‹ (2004, 12‘)
›The Magic Kingdom‹ (2002, 7‘)
›The Moschops‹ (2000, 13‘)
›The Presentation Theme‹ (2008, 14‘)
Photo: © Jim Trainor