Michiel Vandevelde

  • Sun 29.04.18 18 h

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»But we never permitted the birth of logic among us.«

Oswald de Andrade (Anthropophagic Manifest)

Written by the Brazilian poet and polemicist Oswald de Andrade in 1928, Manifesto Antropófago (Cannibalist Manifesto), is a critique of the supposedly humanistic, yet ultimately exotisizing distinction between domestic and foreign cultures. In an intimate and explosive solo that attempts to reappraise Western culture with reference to Andrade’s manifesto, Michiel Vandevelde mixes video clips, advertising and choreographic and music material from his own previous productions. Yet the crucial question remains: who eats and who gets eaten?

Choreography: Michiel Vandevelde Dance, creation: Bryana Fritz Costume: Lila John Light: Michiel Vandevelde, Tom Bruwier Technicians: Michiel Vandevelde, Tom Bruwier Feedback: Esther Severi, Kristof van Baarle, Dries Douibi, Maria Rossler Production: Disagree vzw Co-production: Kaaitheater (Brussel) Management: Klein Verzet vzw Support: Flemish Community Commission, [DNA] Departures and Arrivals funded by the Creative Programme of the European Commission

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