IMPACT21 – Urgent Translations | Arne Vogelgesang: Let's play infowars!

Discourse IMPACT

Commonly, we speak of 'gamification' when typical elements of gameplay mechanics are employed as motivators in non-game contexts. While this technique has been used economically for bolstering customer retention and employee productivity, it has also become an increasingly important aspect of political culture. Especially internet savvy communities use game elements and game-like entertainment formats for shaping and structuring their relationship with reality – and thus their political practice.

This talk looks at the game metaphor as a legitimizing and galvanizing frame in more or less recent activities of reactionary and far-right communities. On the one hand it shows some examples of a broader tendency to »game« parts of political discourse, to reframe it as entertainment and also to gamify political mobilization. On the other hand – and in preparation for the following workshop – it questions the roles that art and artistic practices can play in societies which are giving up on a shared grasp of reality.

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