IMPACT21 – Urgent Translations | Birgit Schneider: Imagining the future in times of climate change between collapse, techno fix and transformation

Discourse IMPACT


How can images foster social change in times of ecological crisis? How can they create visions for a CO2-neutral society and inspire alternative imaginations? To what extent can images become a driving force, convey knowledge and turn knowledge into action? 

Birgit Schneider analyzes the imagery of the climate crisis and its ascribed meaning and content. Concepts like apocalypse, technical solutions or post-growth all offer a very different perspective on possible futures – in each reading a different action becomes plausible. Drawing on examples of images from current reports and the media, Birgit Schneider addresses the problems and ambivalences of these blueprints and asks how a social future of transformation can be conceived, that has realized and confronts these problems.

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