Jan Lauwers & Needcompany

Needcompany (BE), is a collective of idiosyncratic theatre makers and performers founded in 1986 and led by the artistic driving force of Jan Lauwers who, already from the early eighties, was part of the movement for radical change in the arts in Flanders. Lauwers background as a visual artist has been decisive in his handling of the medium of theatre and has led to a highly individual and in many ways pioneering theatrical idiom that examines theatre and its meaning. Both Needcompany’s projects and its cast of actors are distinctly international. Apart from Lauwers other key members include the Indonesian actress, dancer and choreographer, Grace Ellen Barkey and Belgian actress Viviane De Muynck. PACT Zollverein has collaborated regularly with Needcompany for many years now presenting Grace Ellen Barkey’s productions ›Der Wunderbare Mandarin‹ in 1999, ›AND‹ in 2003 and ›Chunking‹ in 2005 as well as ›Images of Affection‹ from Jan Lauwers in 2003.
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