Claudia Bosse

Claudia Bosse lives in Vienna and Berlin. She is a director, choreographer, visual artist and artistic director of theatercombinat. After studying theatre directing at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch Berlin, she worked in the field of (experimental) theatre between installation, (spatial) choreography and urban intervention. She generates political hybrids as space-specific settings with special constellations for varied audiences.

Claudia Bosse develops installations, choreographies and works for museums, architecture, theatre and urban spaces internationally. She teaches, lectures, publishes, initiates or participates in research projects and works continuously with artists and theoreticians from diverse fields. She understands/grasps (urban) space as a texture for choreographic material and poetic subversions.

Her latest and current projects include Thyestes brothers! Kapital, Dialogue on Difference, Alexandria/ Cairo, 168 hours, a live installation in Vienna, POEMS of the DAILY MADNESS, a Singspiel, REENACTING THE ARCHIVE, FFT Düsseldorf, both in collaboration with Günther Auer, EXPLOSION der STILLE in Vienna, WITNESSING of the TREES, museo de imigracao, MITsp, in Sao Paulo and the last IDEAL PARADISE at the Tanzplattform in Deutschland 2018 in Essen, hosted by PACT Zollverein.

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Claudia Bosse / theatercombinat