Alma Söderberg

Swedish artist Alma Söderberg completed her studies in contemporary dance, choreography and flamenco at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam in 2011. Her works emerge out of a practice of setting different acoustic elements such as music, rhythm and singing in relation to dance and movement. She is the recipient of several awards including the ITs Choreography Award (Amsterdam) for ›Entertainment‹ in 2009 and the ACT festival prize (Bilbao) for ›Cosas‹ in 2011.

In 2010 she received together with Jolika Sudermann the Audience Award for ›Freedom of Speech‹ at the 100° Festival in Berlin and in 2013 the Stuttgart Dance and Theatre Award in the categories Audience Award and Special Award for an extraordinary performance. To date at PACT she has presented the performance ›Idioter‹ in 2014 - together with Hendrik Willekens, with whom she also initiated the music project wowawiwa - the German premiere of her solo ›Nadita‹ in 2016 and the world premiere of her most recent solo work ›Deep Etude‹ in 2018. 
Söderberg pursues her strong interests in music and collective work processes in the artist collective Manymore, which she co-founded, and as a member of John the Houseband, an art project that aims to bring together as many musical styles and instruments as possible and blur the boundaries between concert and performance, professionalism and amateurism, skills and dedication.

To date at PACT
  • Fri 09.12.22 20 h
  • Sat 10.12.22 20 h
German premiere
  • Fri 07.02.20 20 h
  • Sat 08.02.20 20 h

Alma Söderberg / Cullberg
The Listeners

German premiere
  • Fri 08.03.19 20 h
  • Sat 09.03.19 20 h

Alma Söderberg
›Entangled Phrases‹

World premiere
  • Sat 27.01.18 16 h

Anja Müller / Alma Söderberg
PACTPackage #1

  • Fri 26.01.18 20 h
  • Sat 27.01.18 20 h
  • Fri 29.01.16 22 h
  • Sat 30.01.16 22 h
Performance Vocal Performance

Alma Söderberg

  • Sat 06.12.14 22 h
Performance Concert performance

Alma Söderberg / Hendrik Willekens