Alma Söderberg on the premiere of ›Entangled Phrases‹ at PACT

On Stage

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Calm perfectionism, poetic precision and sensual lightness characterize the works of Alma Söderberg, who most recently presented the world premiere of her solo ›Deep Etude‹ at PACT. In her latest work she now continues her exploration of sound and movement, polyrhythm and polyphony through an axiomatic practice of 'listening to movement‘.

›Entangled Phrases‹ proposes temporary communities, methods of mutual sensitization and common, polyphonic thinking. Nurturing the ability to hold several thoughts at once while responding fully to complexity, the three performers weave together individual strands of sound and movement to create a rich and complex tapestry and truly unique visual and aural experience. 


Tickets for the premiere of ›Entangled Phrases‹ at PACT Zollverein:


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