• Thu 02.05.13 20 h

›Young & Furious‹ marks the first collaboration between two unconventional theatre makers: The multi award-winning Algerian choreographer Samir Akika, who last appeared at PACT Zollverein in 2011 with his production ›Me and my Mum‹ and Münster director Johannes Fundermann, team up with eight young people from Belgium and Germany. Together they share their different perspectives on the society we live in. In the overlaps between the performers’ personal lives and biographies, a sweeping panorama of inner and outer voices and attitudes, fragments of history and fictive stories unfold. Are we all part of one and the same flow of time? Or moving on parallel tracks? 

With: Joke Depreitere, Sara Ranjana Häuser, Thijs Lambert, Paul Oldenburg, Zehra Proch, Robin Vanden Bussche, Liesbeth Van Der Bauwhede, Milena Weber

Direction: Samir Akika, Johannes Fundermann

Dramaturgy: Gregor Runge

Music: Umut Abaci, Martin Basman

Stage, light: Stefan Schönfeldt, Tilo Schreieck

Technician: Tilo Schreieck

Coaching, assistance: Gabrio Gabrielli, Claudia Iglesias Ungo, Alexandra Morales, Nora Ronge, Andy Zondag

Production management Belgium: Pol Coussement

Production management Germany: Alexandra Morales, Gregor Runge

Production: Unusual Symptoms, Passerelle vzw.

Co-production: Theater im Pumpenhaus (Münster)

Supported by: Provinz Westflandern, Landesverband Westfalen-Lippe, the Ministry for Families, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Cultural Department of the City of Münster

Passerelle vzw is supported by the Flemish Government and the City of Kortrijk

›young & furious‹ is a cooperation within the framework of a cultural exchange programme between the Province of West Flanders and the regional authority of Westphalia-Lippe 




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